Monday, October 18, 2010

First Blush

I went out to the northern part of the county today so that we could hang out with Carole's mom. She hadn't visited with us for a bit so she was getting lonely.

I mainly relaxed, but I did make the very short drive to a local county park (Latta Plantation Park) to go for a brief hike. I was looking for things to photograph to help me continue to learn how to use the new camera. I still don't have a macro lens for the Canon, but I'm trying to learn how to take close ups with the lens that I do have.

As I was hiking down one trail I noticed these little berries. They have a brightly colored husk that had opened to reveal the berries inside. I'd never seen this plant before and I have no idea what it is, but it made a good subject to use for learning the camera.

From above.

And from below.

A dogwood in Carole's mom's yard. Dogwoods are the first to begin changing color in Fall around these parts.


GULAHIYI said...

Your mystery plant has one of the best names I know of: "Hearts-a-bustin'-with-love," aka strawberry bush, aka Euonymus americanus.
It has always been one of my autumn favorites.

HemlockMan said...


I'd never consciously encountered it before. At least not to stop and take a good look.