Friday, October 22, 2010

Barks Duck Books Part II

Lately I've been buying up old Disney comic books with stories created by one of my favorite cartoon artists, Carl Barks. He was a very busy guy for decades, producing many stories for his main employer, Disney and Dell Comics. Dell (and later, Gold Key/Western) had the then-lucrative Disney contracts locked up, and with guys like Carl Barks writing and illustrating wonderful fiction, it was one of the best publishers for kids' comics. It's my opinion that the Disney comics were far superior in just about every way to the films.

What's really good is that, for some reason, a lot of the books that I want to buy are in a kind of slump. Books that were very hard to buy when I was a collectibles dealer are easy to find and, not only that, in low demand. It's a real buyer's market if, like me, you enjoy reading comic books drawn by the likes of Carl Barks, John Stanley, and Walt Kelly. These geniuses seem to have fallen out of favor. Oh, well. Good for me.

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