Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Racist Arizona

Arizona has recently enacted a racist law. I'm not going to go into particulars. If it goose-steps like a Nazi and screams like a Klansman, it's racist.

Some people are calling for a boycott of Arizona.

Let's go them one better. Visit Arizona. But don't drive there. Walk there. Hike into the National Forests with your backpack and food and camping equipment (that you bought somewhere else). Sleep in our Arizona National Forests. You can generally use back country campsites for free. Don't even buy water. Take a water filter and purify your own water. Enjoy the beautiful sights of Arizona parklands. Buy nothing. Piss on their ground. Shit in their forests. Purchase nada while you're there, but leave some turds behind (responsibly buried away from streams and other water sources, of course).

Give them what they deserve: crap.

Visit Beautiful Arizona, and shit on 'em.

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