Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ponce De Leon Springs and Falling Waters

Well, we're off for home! Seven days in Florida was glorious, but it's time to head back for North Carolina! I'll post some detailed material when I get back. Until then, here's a brief bit of some of the amazing places we saw today.

I'll bet you didn't know that Florida had a 75-foot waterfall! It does! Single drop, too! None of this sissy cascade stuff! It vanishes into a 100-foot deep cylindrical sinkhole. No one knows where the water ends up. In Falling Waters State Park.

Ponce De Leon Springs! We had it all to ourselves for about two hours! Amazing!

Carole snapped this one of me sitting on a set of cypress knees in Ponce De Leon Springs.

Yep! It's me! I was jumping in over the main vent where 14 million gallons of 68-degree crystal pure fresh water wells up each and every day.


Betsy Hartley said...

The springs are amazing when you have them to yourself. You really got a treat there. Next time you're in the area you should visit Morrison Springs.

James Robert Smith said...

We've been to Morrison twice. It was blacked out both times, unfortunately.