Sunday, April 11, 2010

Are We Not Men?

Today's blog: Rambling. Followed by more rambling.

Dudes! Are most of you retarded??!! The Shroud of Turin is a fake! IT'S A FAKE! The Middle Ages of Europe were a con man's dream when it came to so-called "religious artifacts"! Finger bones, dried up blood, tendons, skulls, splinters from "the" cross, spear points, etc. Some clever faker created this piece of junk! Get over it! (Is it any wonder Flavius Claudius Julianus referred to churches as charnel houses?)

But never fear! The same Europeans are bringing us new beer! Can't wait to try it!

I spent the writing part of my day consolidating the new novel. I've already plotted out some bridging chapters. I'm now a tad ahead of schedule so I feel pretty good. I'm really trying to keep the momentum going.

Last year's vacation in, of all places, Missouri. We had to go paddle the Current River and explore some of North America's largest fresh water springs.

This is where we'll be next week: Wakulla Springs (among other places in Florida). We've never been at this particular spring so we'll hit this one and a couple of others. Wakulla is one of the deepest and highest volume fresh water springs on Earth.

Wakulla apparently has some awesome swimming and diving facilities! Yeeeeeeee-HAH!

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