Thursday, April 01, 2010

THE FLOCK from Tor/Forge

Tor Books now has the first of their paperback versions of the novel officially on the schedule. You can see the initial bits of it coming to retail life here.

And here's a graphic I found recently of a newly discovered terror bird from South America. Kelenkin guillermoi is so far the largest predatory bird ever found. It's quite an amazing animal when you look at its size and symmetry. It was closing in on the size of some of the larger theropod predators:

Lost some writing time today due to the fact that I was very sick. It's probably partially allergies, but I think I got some kind of bug, too. my body fluctuated all day from being feverish to cold and clammy. It was all very miserable.

One of my favorite modern writers is Walter Mosley. I discovered him when I read that he was one of Bill Clinton's favorite writers. Clinton was right about this guy--he's brilliant, and I learned a lot about writing by reading his work and listening to his advice on creating fiction. I was pleased to read a very cool article on CNN's website by Mr. Mosley. You can read it here.


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