Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Back Yard

Carole's dad put a lot of thought and energy into his back yard. Old Frank's been gone a good many years, now (almost two decades), but the flowers and trees he planted are still here. Occasionally we have to dig up one of the old azaleas that has bloomed its last; and we've set out many more to replace the older ones. But by and large the plants he put in place are all still there, still growing, still blooming. In early Spring the Henderson yard is a very special place.

Sitting area. Carole's mom spends a lot of time here.

Looking across the yard toward a neighbor's place.

From about halfway back toward the rear property line looking toward the house.

One of the azalea beds we need to work on. We took out the half where most of the azaleas had died off, but we haven't replanted, yet.

They were pretty much in full bloom the day we left for Florida.

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