Sunday, April 04, 2010

Cairo Growing Up

A short photo montage of Cairo growing up among the Smiffs.

Andy discovers the unnamed kitten in a box of abandoned waifs in the park office where we'd stopped so that I could go hiking to the ghost town of Volcano, WV. We are suckered by this particularly affectionate member of the litter and resolve to adopt her. After a short discussion we decide to name her in honor of the local West Virginia town where we found her: Cairo.

She was, right from the start, a people-kitty. She never complained and meshed right into the family. On the long drive home she spent a lot of time curled up in Andy's arms just sleeping.

By December she is totally integrated into our life. She follows me like a puppy, often bringing along her favorite toy...a little faux mouse that squeaks.

Playing with the tie string on my pajamas on Christmas Morning, 2009.

On a cold January day, Cairo curls up in a blanky to keep warm.

In February she begins to enjoy the red felt bed that we bought for the cats. She shares it in shifts with head cat honcho Lilly.

The vet tells us that Cairo is going to be a little cat. She might top out at seven pounds...maybe. She's still a kitten, still acts like a kitten, and still really looks like a kitten. She's quite smaller than our other two cats, Lilly and Sophie who seem to enjoy having an active and mischievous playmate in the house.

Tea Baggers are MORONS!

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