Monday, August 15, 2011

Washin' Our Little House:

Sunday was spent writing a short story for an anthology invitation and going to Carole's mom's place where I washed our Casita. I was really surprised at how much dirt and grime had accumulated on the fiberglass shell. The dirt just rolled off like mud, but underneath that fiberglass body was shining like new. That's what I love about molded fiberglass trailers like Casita, Scamp, Trillium, Escape, etc. Those bodies don't leak and since they're not stick-built, they hold up. It's no wonder they tend to hold their value over the years. Easiest trailers in the world to resell.

Now I have another anthology invitation so I have to brainstorm on a short story again. It's been nice to do that after avoiding the short story format for so long.

The backyard hemlocks are bearing cones again. Thousands of them. But no matter how many it bears, I never see any new hemlocks sprouting. One arborist told me that they'll never produce seedlings while others have told me that there's no real reason I won't someday see some pop up. I've tossed down a couple of nursery logs as someone suggested. Maybe we'll get some baby hemlocks.

Grandmaw's place. She still has that Mitsubishi console tube TV that won't die. Almost thirty years old and still working like new. No computers in that house, either. No WiFi. She doesn't even know what WiFi is, bless her.

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