Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two Recent Additions

Here a a couple of books that I just added to my collection. Strange and different from one another, which goes to show you how wide and varied the market was in its day.

Filling in some more gaps in my Walt Disney Comics & Stories collection (isse #113 here). I was really happy with this one. A nice, tight copy in really nice condition. I'm amazed at how great these old books were. No ads, really, except for blurbs and illustrations for other Disney comics.

GET LOST #2. This book looks like an early copy of Mad because that's what it was trying to be. I'm not sure who wrote this stuff, but it was both illustrated and published by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito. These guys are most famous to fans from my day as being the team responsible for both THE WAR THAT TIME FORGOT in Star Spangled War Stories, and the cool METAL MEN comic book, and WONDER WOMAN during the late 50s and early 60s.

GET LOST was their attempt to capitalize on the truly scary popularity of Mad, which was then a comic book. Everyone was trying to ape Mad and get in on the act. Even Mad was copying Mad! With their spin-off comic PANIC. In this case, Andru and Esposito even self-published this book (from what I can gather). What amazes me was how well they were able to imitate the look and feel of the stories in Mad. Of all of the copy-cats, they seem to have come the closest of mimicking those very early issues of MAD.

Once again I lucked out and landed a really crisp, nice copy of this book.

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