Sunday, August 14, 2011

Severed Press Promotion Time

I'm just going to spend my blog today posting links for my work from Severed Press, the Australian publisher who picked up and published my zombie novel, THE LIVING END. Just some odds and ends.

First of all, a really good review of THE LIVING END hit the Internet last night. The author understood the book better than most seem to have grasped. I wrote THE LIVING END because I was frankly sick of the thinly-veiled racist, gun-crazed screeds that most zombie novels are. There's a very thin line between most zombie novels and THE TURNER DIARIES. I wanted to write something to change that.

If you like short stories and themed anthologies, buy a copy of DEAD BAIT 2. The theme is "fishing" and if for no other reason, buy it because it contains a new story from Ramsey Campbell, one of the greatest living horror writers. Hell...he might be THE greatest living horror writer. (Sorry, Mr. King.) While he writes excellent novels, Campbell excels in the short story form, and no on can transport you to a completely disturbing world the way he succeeds within those stories. Also, I wrote one of my best short stories for this book--I'm very proud of "The Krang".

I've been told--and since it's on the author's website, I reckon it's okay to talk about it--that Len Barnhart's zombie novels are ALL moving to Severed Press! Len Barnhart is a true innovator. He started the zombie wave in horror fiction when his novel REIGN OF THE DEAD initially appeared from iUniverse Books some years back. No one--and I repeat "no one"--was writing zombie novels in those days. But after Barnhart tapped that particular vein in horror fandom, the floodgates opened. First dozens, then scores, then hundreds of other writers tumbled onto the market with their own takes on the zompocalypse. Len took the time and the effort and the risk when he was the only one willing to do it. And now we're going to see re-edited versions of ALL of his zombie novels coming to Severed Press! If you're a zombie fan...well, this is going to be the jackpot!

Coming soon from Severed Press! ALL of Len Barnhart's revised novels!


Robin Eduardo said...

I was so happy to hear that Len was reissuing his books through Severed Press! He's a really nice guy and a good friend, I wish him the best!

Oh, and good luck to you and best wishes for your book as well! I look forward to reading it!

HemlockMan said...

Len is a great guy. I'm glad I was an early supporter of his books.