Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Amazing Adult Fantasy #7 and #9 and #11!

Well, I hit the mother load of pre-hero Marvels. Found for me by my friend Earl Shaw. I'll post scans of the covers over the next few days. I'm now very close to completing the complete run of Amazing Adventures/Amazing Adult Fantasy/Amazing Fantasy.

AMAZING ADULT FANTASY #7. The first issue of the revamped, retitled AMAZING ADVENTURES. The first series contained stories by several artists, but beginning with this issue it was all Ditko from cover to cover!

I always liked this issue as a kid. I enjoyed this rendition of Ditko's character, Tim Boo Ba. One of Ditko's superlative weird fiction cover efforts.

This is the same book I landed in auction not a few weeks ago. But I got such a good deal on this one that I had to get it. Now I have the cover as Ditko intended it, unmarked by some long-gone kid trying to alter the blank white space on the front.

This book is a real treasure for many reasons. First of all, it contains a rare instance of Steve Ditko inking Jack Kirby. I wish Ditko had inked more of Kirby's pencils--the results of their teaming was always unique. I'm not sure what Kirby thought of Ditko's inks on his pencils, but I sure do enjoy the team-up. This issue also features "Monsters from Mercury" which has some very good creature designs from Ditko, and impresses upon me once again the great influence Ditko had on Jim Starlin.


Robin Eduardo said...

Hey, found your blog through my good friend Len Barnhart. I'm also a comic book nut, and if you check out my Facebook or my blog you get to see me photoshopped into Wonder Woman, LOL! Fellow zombie writer, and well, honestly, I'm a crazy girl so BEWARE!

Nice to meet you!

HemlockMan said...

Hey! Thanks!We can't have enough comic book and zombie fans! I'll check out yer blog, too!

Kirk G said...

I'm curious. Have there ever been collections of either "Amazing Fantasy" or Ditko's "Amazing Adult Fantasy"? Where? How much?