Thursday, August 18, 2011

Da Moon

Last night I took the camera and tripod out in the back yard and played around with taking photographs of the Moon. Some of them came out OK. I really need to look in to buying a better telephoto lens or perhaps a decent telescope with an adapter that I can use with my Canon camera.

At any rate, I do seem to be slowly learning how to use the camera a bit better as the weeks progress.

Messing around with the camera-tripod combination reminded me a lot of my days being fascinated by the Moon and what I thought was the coming Space Age when I was a kid. I really did think that I'd live to see routine flights into Earth orbit and that people would live on the Moon and that we'd have outposts on Mars. Alas, the billionaire elite fucked us all and stole our National wealth.

I tried various ISO and F stop settings. I did manage to capture a few decent images.

These were the two best.


Jack said...

Those are a couple of excellent moon shots! Better than any moon shots I ever got!

HemlockMan said...

Gee whiz! Thanks!