Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All-inclusive Exclusive Memorial

Before I get to the usual suspects, I wanted to post one more out of the ordinary icons in the Confederate Memorial Park in downtown Fort Mill, South Carolina.

It's really strange and somehow curious how the city fathers went out of their ways to be all-inclusive in this park. Not every southern community was full of hood-wearing, lynching and murdering degenerates, I reckon.

This monument was erected to the Women of the Confederacy. Now, I've seen monuments to this outfit before. In fact, these ladies were sometimes completely and totally instrumental in having these monuments and parks created in the first place. Back in the day, I guess, someone had to organize these things, and if they were the ones organizing them, then by God they were sometimes going to get their own due.

So far in this Confederate Memorial Park, we have monuments for Indians, black slaves, and now the wimmenfolk.

And here she is: Monument to the Women of the Confederacy.

Closeup image of the pedestal for puttin' the women on.

I thought I'd put this here because they seemed to be VERY proud of the fact that this here band shell was built without one thin dime of stinking gummint money.

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