Thursday, March 03, 2011

Random Images

Following are just some random photographs that I took on the hike to find Sally Queen Falls. In most cases they need no further delineations, but I'll write details anyway.

Sally Queen Falls itself. We were not expecting quite so spectacular a sight.

This was the first unblocked view we got of the falls as we came down the track we were using.

Sally Queen Creek is really a pristine waterway. Here Boone checks it out.

Jack and Andy kept us on an accurate track throughout the hike.

The impressive field of broom sedge where we came out of the forest.

This is the abandoned moonshine still that we stumbled upon. Great location with its own pure spring which you can see Boone sampling.

This old forest giant had lost its grip on the creek bank and had toppled over, forming an excellent bridge. The tree was so big and wide and had so recently fallen (no more than a couple of weeks, I'd wager) that I felt perfectly safe walking to the middle to take photographs of Sally Queen Creek from the vantage point. (Photo by Jack Thyen).

My view from the middle of the tree trunk.

Looking down in the other direction.

Video taken from beside Sally Queen Falls.

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