Sunday, March 13, 2011

Smallest Church

When we were at Blackwater and took the drive over the Cathedral State Park we passed what was billed as "the smallest church in the 48 states". I assume that there must be a smaller church either in Alaska or Hawaii (or in both). I'll take them at their word.

At any rate, it was indeed a very tiny church. Would hold maybe twenty people, tops. Had a few very small pews a dais and a tiny gathering/cloak room at the front. But for all that it was solidly constructed, was extremely pleasing to the eye, and had very nice grounds.

So here it is: The Smallest Church in the USA (lower 48).

The outside of the church.

Carole standing between the pews.

Composite stitch of the interior of the smallest church.

And then it was back to the lodge where the deer grazed the lawn expecting a handout from Carole (who did not commit).


The DPS Kid said...

Try this time. It's the link to the article we spoke of. I sent a link to your e-mail with the jpg of the flowchart. It's just amazing, I love it.

Edward Forrest Frank said...

I have been to that church!

HemlockMan said...

It's a cool little building. I liked the grounds, too.

HemlockMan said...

Lee: Yep. Worked fine this time!