Thursday, March 10, 2011

Carole's 30th Birthday (well, not really, but that's what we'll say).

Sunday was Carole's birthday. So we took a break from putting my new loft office together and went to meet her mom for a small birthday gathering. My little family gets smaller every year. Even Andy didn't show up this year for his mother's birthday.

Carole made me wear the Ugly Shoes. She bought them for me a few years ago and I have worn them like three times. They resemble those shoes retarded kids wear. But sometimes when she finds the place where I've hidden them, she'll ask me to wear them. (No, I won't throw them out. I'm not that wasteful.)

Carole and her mom (Faye) at the restaurant where we had dinner.

Just a random shot of the restaurant. It was really crowded.

Back at Faye's house we break out the $52 cheesecake. That's what Carole wanted for her birthday cake: A strawberry cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. So I bought her one. And, of course, we had wine.


dogboy443 said...

Those are Fuggly shoes! I wouldn't even make Peter David wear those.

HemlockMan said...

Indeed. She bought them for me when I wasn't around to complain. Why? I've worn them three times in the five years since she bought them, each time at Carole's insistence. And always after she found them where I'd hidden them under stuff in the very back of our closet.