Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peerless Book Store

Saturday, after we left Michele and Jeff for their trip to the mountains, we did a little shopping in an antique mall in Decatur, then headed over to Peerless Book Store for my signing. Carole met up with an old friend who had moved there and they also headed up to the mountains to visit a winery. So I settled in to my space for the singing event and waited for the customers.

Peerless Book Store is a brand new store. I arrived just in time for the first week mark. In fact, the shop is not even 100% set up, but was neat and clean and functional for my arrival. Best of all, they already have a good customer base, with many seemingly already loyal readers popping in to say hello and buy some books all during my time there.

I mainly do signings at the big box stores. And of course those are being reduced by the anemic economy and the results of years of competition between mass retailers. While I enjoy signing at all shops, I especially like to do events at smaller, independent shops like Peerless Book Store. I find the staff to be especially helpful and friendly, and eager to work hard to make a book sell better. Peerless Books was just such a place.

Sign at the entrance of the store.

The storefront of Peerless Book Store.

Am I famous yet?

I'm not? Those are copies of THE FLOCK in that window!!!

Some of the friendly folk at Peerless.

The author rests at the signature table.

The great publicity folk at Tor Books sent Peerless this cool foam board standee.

Carole's friend Michele who moved from the Charlotte area to the Atlanta area. She was kind enough to buy an autographed copy of the novel.

I hadn't seen my niece Leslie in many, many years. So she came to the signing and brought her aptly named son Chase and her sweet daughter Megan to the shop.

After the signing event we drove toward Kennesaw where Leslie lives and hooked up with them to eat dinner at Carabba's. I got to meet her husband, Mark Harris, whom I'd never met. Everyone was great!

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