Sunday, March 06, 2011

Some More Snowy Photos from Blackwater Falls

We had to peel ourselves away from Blackwater Falls State Park on that last day. It was cold and it was snowing hard and the place was just so quiet and beautiful that we did NOT want to leave. The forecast for the rest of the day was for another half foot of snow to fall. We seriously considered paying for another night at the lodge and playing hooky. But we thought better of it. However, we took one more lingering drive around the park and one last hike through the snow forest. The following shots were mainly taken by Carole, with just one or two by me.

Me, on the Balanced Rock Trail.

Carole on the trail with a tea-colored stream behind her. The water is tinted by the tannic acid from the decomposition of decades of hemlock and pine needles.

Gorgeous snow-covered hemlocks.

The clear, but tinted water.

There's nothing so quiet as a forest during a snowfall.

Carole in the snow.

This is Pendleton Lake which was completely frozen over and covered in snow. It's not often a southerner gets to see something like this.

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