Saturday, March 26, 2011

Journey Into Expensive Stuff

Here, then are recent additions to my collection, these being issues of JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY which later became the comic book The Mighty Thor. This latter bit is problematic for me since I collect the book for its anthology content and not for the Thor yarns. And because of recent developments in both collecting and in film, the issues featuring Thor are getting really expensive. I guess I can always try to land low-grade copies.

Great Jack Kirby cover. His monsters were like God Himself.

A low grade copy of Journey Into Mystery #88. The fifth appearance of Thor. Low grade, yes, but at least now I have that cool Ditko story in the back of the book.

And I got a great deal on this copy of issue #91. More strange tale weirdness in the back of the comic.


Captain Blog said...

Ha! The other guy with Earl Shaw is Tony Brewer! I went to school with him.

James Robert Smith said...

It's a small world, for sure!