Monday, January 25, 2016


Carole and I dearly love our Casita travel trailer. However, at some point we will end up spending a lot of our time on the road, going from Forest to Forest and National Park to National Park. When this happens, we'll be gone for many weeks and months at a time. Our Casita is great for trips of shorter duration and wonderful for getting us into backcountry places where your average travel trailer or motorhome cannot go. Also, we will likely apply to be campground hosts from time to time, and most state park and National Park and National Forest campgrounds won't allow people who have smaller travel trailers to be campground hosts. Why? Because they (probably rightly) figure that people cooped up in very tiny trailers will get stir crazy and opt to leave, putting the campground at risk of having no host (since it's largely a volunteer deal with the host getting a free place to stay for doing various tasks for the privilege of using the campsite for an extended period).

So we've been reluctantly looking around at different travel trailer designs and layouts and manufacturers for the day when we'll sell little Casita-girl and hit the road in a larger trailer. We saw one today that we liked. Generally, we have always wanted to steer away from trailers with slideouts, but after researching this particular make we may opt for the model pictured below. It's still a small enough trailer to get us into the out-of-the-way campgrounds that we prefer, but is large enough so that we would be accepted as campground hosts from time to time if we so desired. Also, it's less likely for us to go stir crazy if we're cooped up in this larger trailer due to weather events.

It's a likely possibility.

The kitchen area of the trailer. It has a gas oven which we have been searching for in a travel trailer.

The bed area. The bed is aligned with the length of the trailer instead of side-to-side as with our current trailer. No climbing over one another to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

The bath room. It has a large pantry to the left which I couldn't show. Storage for towels, extra clothing, soap, shampoo, etc.

And the outside of the trailer. As I said, we're not big fans of slideouts, but it does add a great deal of space to the living area, and we researched how to care for the option to prevent leaking and deterioration, motor failure, etc. We also liked the awning on this trailer.

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