Friday, January 29, 2016

Reality Sent Wernher Von Braun to Bed Without His Dreams

I love science fiction as much as the next nerd. However, most people take that stuff much too seriously. They think it's all going to come to pass--interstellar travel, terraforming other planets, encountering alien civilizations, and other such fantasies.

Worst of all of those fantasies are the ones wherein people think we'll find another Earth-like planet.

The odds of finding a planet where we can breathe the atmosphere and not get blasted to smithereens by radiation are...hmm...let's see: ZERO!

It ain't happening. It's a fantasy and a pipe dream.

What are the ingredients. The Goldilocks zone around a sun pretty much exactly the same mass, age, and activity as Sol. A planet not only approximately the exact same mass as Earth, but with the precise chemical and elemental makeup with active tectonics and vast systems of oceans and rivers of H2O at the triple-point of water. A planet that has a HUGE moon so large that what you're looking at is a double-planet system--said "moon" helping to keep the main planet's core heated and the magnetic shield in action. Which means, a planet that was smashed at some point earlier in its life by a Mars-sized body that it absorbed, kicking off a Moon-sized portion of the impactor into orbit so that the duo would form said double-planet system.

Yeah...we're going to find exactly that somewhere in the galaxy where we can travel in our faster--than-light vehicles. LOL!

Go watch a Stark Trek show, my fellow geeky mooks.

Yeah....We're going to find this concoction.

Reality slapped Von Braun in the face and sent him to oblivion with the realization that it will never happen.

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