Sunday, January 03, 2016


Sometimes Carole and I will plan trips far in advance of a time when we might actually take them. We often will just list things and mark them down for future reference. One place we'll eventually stop along the way are some of the state parks in Ohio. According to things we've read and photos we've seen, some of them are very nice.

Today I went to check on a particular park in Ohio and discovered that the State of Ohio had moved the parks site to another online location. So when I used the saved link I had marked for research on parks I instead got a website devoted to listing oil and gas wells in Ohio.

Talk about yer irony.

These places are all in Ohio, a state not generally advertised as having a lot of natural beauty.
Upper Falls in Hocking Hills.

Hocking Hills.

Conklin Hollow.
And these places are also in Ohio, a state many people don't realize as having a lot of hydrocarbon industry activity. Obviously these are not places of lingering natural beauty because industry has been allowed to foul it with abandon.

Ohio well fire.

Abandoned well tainting ground water.

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