Saturday, October 19, 2013

Promotion Time!

Editor S.T. Joshi sent me the galley proofs for my first short story collection, A CONFEDERACY OF HORRORS which will be appearing in 2014 from Hippocampus Press. Hippocampus has the best galley proofs I've ever seen, and this includes the ones I've gotten from the big publishers.

So, what the heck? I'll use today's blog to promote a couple of books:
Here are a couple of my latest novels you can buy.

Wenzler was one of the unlucky ones who succumbed during the outbreak that almost became the Zombie Apocalypse. Two years have passed. He wakes up and remembers who he is and what he became. No longer quite human, he is consumed with the will to find his son in a largely recovered world. But to do that he'll have to run a gauntlet of the living who are out to finish putting the undead away for good. But is he undead? Or is he something else? Something more? THE NEW ECOLOGY OF DEATH.

Often the monster is just a misunderstood anti-hero. But sometimes it's a murdering, blood-thirsty asshole. WITHERING.

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