Friday, October 25, 2013

Time Out!

I'm going to take some time off from active blogging for a little while. I have to finish THE REZ so that my agent can start shopping it around. To that end, I need to stop devoting so much of my energy to the blog and reserve it for my now-precious writing time.

I'll still post some things here--maybe even on a daily basis. But they will be very brief. Perhaps limited to a photo or two.

But not so many outdoors reports or essays.

This cover amazed me when I was a kid. First time I saw it I realized that photos were involved but I couldn't quite figure out how Jack Kirby had done it. As with all such things art-related, I went to my mom for answers. And she explained to me how collages were created. Kirby went through a period during which he did a lot of collage work in his stories. He made this kid stop and think. Always.


Al said...

I suspect that these collages took more time to do than actually drawing something would have, but Kirby did it to stretch himself, to keep from getting bored with a routine. They were attention getting and succeeded in making me want to buy the comic they appeared in. Not that I needed any encouragement to buy a Kirby book anyway!

James Robert Smith said...

Kirby obviously enjoyed doing them. I've always wondered if he had to argue it out with Lee & Goodman. At the point he did it, I think they probably didn't debate it a lot. Kirby had turned the company around to the extent that what had been a small arm of Goodman's outfit that was so marginal he was going to shut it down was now his cash cow.

I'll bet he just shrugged and told Lee to let Kirby do his thing.