Monday, October 14, 2013


I bagged a peak that has been on my list for about two decades. There was always something coming up to get in the way. I'll post details tomorrow. We had a hard time getting home today (blown tires on the travel trailer).

View to my right.

Standing on the summit at the edge of a cliff.

The peak I was on is a tad over 5K feet. But nearby are summits at, or above, 6K feet.


Vicki said...

Welcome home. Pleased to hear there was a silver lining to your holiday plans being changed.

But what a pain in the proverbial the blown tires must've been.

James Robert Smith said...

We had to stay in a private campground which was a big drawback. It was okay as such things go, but we love to camp deep in National Forests. This was just a commercial campground along a river and beside a major highway. It was a place to park the caravan and go to sleep at night.

The situation with the tires was worrisome and stressful. But, we're okay. The trailer is fine and I have already replaced the tires.