Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Blowout

Well, we had two flat tires on the Casita. The first was when I hit a very nasty pothole in the road. It dented the rim and made the tire go instantly flat. So I put on the spare.

Fifteen miles from home, the spare exploded. Completely blew up. I had always wondered how I'd handle the Casita if that happened, and I did just fine. I was able to coast into a relatively safe spot where we phoned for help.

The guy who arrived to load up the trailer did an amazing job. I was in awe of his skill in loading it onto the flatbed and getting it home. As happenstance would have it, Carole went to high school with the guy's twin sons!

Got the tires replaced the next day. Everything is cool.

But it was a nerve-wracking experience.

Not too long before the blowout. We had stopped at a rest area.

Where I was able to pull off. I unhitched the trailer to give the tow truck room to pull in.

The tire all but vanished. I thought the spare had been a re-cap all along, but the tire service told us that it was likely just dry rot as it had been the spare for eleven years! (My bad.)

Truck arrives. All praise be to Jove!

The Casita-girl makes it home! Wounded but proud.

On the ground!


Vicki said...

Thank goodness it didn't happen in the middle of nowhere.

James Robert Smith said...

Yes. It would have been bad in an area with no cell phone service. As it was, at the time, we were whining how we only had fifteen more miles to go to reach home.