Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Little Home is Home!

We got our Casita trailer back from Terrell's RV Center today. All of the little things were fixed, including the now-working water heater! Huzzah! Of course our plans to camp at a National Forest campsite were crushed because of the government shutdown. Not sure if we'll have a place to stay. If not, we'll have to alter our plans.

But, for now, we're very, very, very happy to have out little Casita back at home!

Woo HOO! She's home!

Gave her a partial bath. Much more to do.

New running lights. The old ones had to be completely replaced. (Including the wiring.)

Getting the bedding back into place.

Stack of towels on the dinette that have to be stored away.

Looking toward the bathroom from the bed.


Vicki said...

I love your Little Home. Want to swap it for our tent? :-)

I hope you get to take it camping sooner rather than later.

James Robert Smith said...

We bought the Casita after our campsite was raided by a hungry black bear. We decided after that experience that we needed a hard-sided travel trailer.

Vicki said...

Yep, a black bear would do it for me, too.

James Robert Smith said...

We obeyed all the rules for keeping food and garbage out of sight and reach...but this bear was so habituated to human-produced food that he was searching for things that he THOUGHT might have food in them. Thus, any plastic container was something to be knocked over and broken open. The next morning, I even found a small packet of silicone seam sealer that he very delicately bit open to see/smell what was inside. This was a very big bear. Initially I did what you're supposed to do: stand your ground and chase him away. He did feel, but as we were cleaning up he suddenly appeared out of the rhododendron right beside my wife--his head emerged from the brush a couple of feet from her. We then realized that he was too aggressive to take "no" for an answer and fled to the cab of our truck. He finally ran away when I started the engine and gunned it and honked the horn.

The next day, the campground host told us that the bear had terrorized the campground from one end to the other (180 campsites). They brought in a hunter with dogs to chase after him the following morning. They weren't going to shoot him or anything, just chase him to let him know he wasn't welcome.

But that area (Standing Indian)has one of the highest black bear population densities in the country. So they very well could have chased the wrong bear.

James Robert Smith said...

He did "flee" rather. Not "feel".

Vicki said...

A feeling fleeing bear? :)

Magnificent creatures that they are, you are most welcome to your black bears.

James Robert Smith said...

When we heard the crashing noise I immediately knew what was going on (it was midnight). But I picked up the flashlight, unzipped the tent door, and faced down the bear. "Go away, bear!" Yelled it in my deepest voice. He ran, initially, but came back.