Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Time for New Glasses

I went to get new glasses today. Had to have my eyes examined since it has been more than two years since my last prescription. Fortunately, because of my job with the Feds, I have decent insurance. Eye exams are free, and glasses are partially paid for.

My optometrist, despite having thousands of patients and the fact that he sees me only once every two years, always recalls my prescriptions because my eyesight is so utterly fucked up. I have different problems in each eye. One eye is really screwed up--commonly referred to as "lazy eye". Except for peripheral vision and to be used for depth perception, it doesn't do much. And my "good" eye has been pretty bad itself for most of my life.

However, over the past six years, the eye that I use to see with has been strangely getting progressively better. Every time I go in I have to get a less and less powerful prescription to correct it. Technically, my optometrist tells me, in six years I won't need a prescription at all in my good eye. He says this is due to the fact that as I age, the shape of my eyeball is altering and causing a great improvement in my eyesight. This is, apparently, not unheard of and he has seen it before.

However, he also told me not to expect it to keep getting better every two years. Apparently most people experience a state of diminishing returns and the improvement generally stops short of complete regeneration of perfect vision.

But I'll take what I can get.

One eye is wrecked, t'other'n is ruint.

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