Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Kid at Heart

Some of the things I loved as a kid I never really outgrew. I still love old comic books, and I still get a kick out of dinosaurs.

Some years back I heard of a line of small dinosaur toys in Asia called, variously, "chocosaurs" (because apparently at one time they were offered with a piece of chocolate) and "Dinotales", and "furuta animals". Manufactured by a Japanese company called Kaiyodo, they are amazingly intricately detailed models. Furthermore, they do models of prehistoric animals that no one else bothers to mass produce.

Briefly, a few years back, there was an attempt to distribute them to the States, but it soon failed. I wanted to buy more of them to place around my office, but when I'd see them for sale on the Internet the prices were just frankly insane. But, finally, I've begun to see them advertised here and there for prices I don't mind paying ($5 to $8, post paid). So I've picked up a few.

If anyone is headed to the Pacific rim and wants to grab some more for me, let me know.




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