Tuesday, June 04, 2013


I kept getting recommendations to include advertisements on my blog. I do get a fair number of hits per day, so it seemed logical that I try to generate some money from all of the essays and photos that I post here. I figured the ads wouldn't be that intrusive, and some of my favorite blogs have them.

So I added them.

Then I saw a couple of ads for items that not only wouldn't I buy, but things that are offensive to me.

So I killed off the ads.

Don't worry. They won't be coming back.

So what if I don't make any money from my essays? I don't care. Every now and again I will get inquiries about rights to use some of my photos and I have earned some money from the blog that way. And I often use this place as a writing exercise for works that I later sell. That's payment enough for me. I can do without ads for obnoxious things--some of them downright vile.

From here on out...just the essays and the photos and occasional jots of works-in-progress.

Brilliant color in Kumbrabow State Forest in West Virginia in October of 2011.


Kirk G said...

What was offensive? I applaud your stand, but nothing made me wince. Maybe I missed it.

MarkGelbart said...

Don't these ads only pay a few pennies anyway?

James Robert Smith said...

Depends on how many times people "click" on them and which ones. First day I earned $2 because someone watched a video that was linked from my site. A couple of days I earned about four cents.

Then the ads started popping up for shit that bugged me. So I killed off the option.

James Robert Smith said...

Kirk: It was an ad for gun products. I don't want anything to do with guns in my life. I'll be damned if I'll allow them to be promoted on my blog.