Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Uncooperative Birds

I only take my cats outside when they're leashed. I don't want them getting hurt of course, but I also don't want them preying on songbirds. After I took the cats back in, the back yard was packed with birds. So I figured I could get my SLR and telephoto lens and tripod and get some great photos of some of the cool birds I was seeing out there.

And what happens? They all vanish. Where before they had been landing all around me, singing and chirping doing their bird-things, suddenly they were gone.

I got two lousy photos. I think one was a starling (an invasive species) and the other a common robin.

The robin. Always reliable for a little local color.

Starling? Not sure. He flew off before I could use the manual focus to get him in a clearer shot.


Henry R. Kujawa said...

Well at least you weren't trying to photograph Roseate Spoolbills on Crab Key Island... : )

James Robert Smith said...

I've found that bigger birds are easier to photograph. Especially large predator birds who have to be very patient when waiting to strike. That's one reason I like taking photos of raptors and herons. The can hold very still for long periods while their eyes roam the territory for something to kill and eat.