Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nice Memories

I really like Reedy Creek Park. It's not quite the same place it was when Carole and I were young parents, but it has seen few changes since those times. We spent many, many days in this park when our son (Andy) was very young. It had (and still has) great playgrounds. Plus wide grassy fields, several lakes, miles of trails, and even things like historical ruins of old farmhouses from the early 1800s, a nature museum, grills, picnic pavilions, and lots of forests and streams. It's pretty darned big as county parks go--almost 800 acres. So there's plenty of room to spread out and roam.

Every now and again I like to stop by the old park and have a look around. Sometimes the memories are nice and make me happy. And sometimes the memories are sweet, but make me terribly sad.

Violets in the forest loam.

Redbuds bursting out.

A little stray azalea just getting ready to unfurl.
 The main lake at Reedy Creek where we would take Andy when he was a little boy.

The big field where Carole, and Andy, and I would lay out a blanket and have a picnic in the grass on a nice day like this one. Sometimes there would be people flying kites, or dogs playing, and other families with their kids, too.

Telephoto shot from across the lake. Carole and I would always stop to rest at that bench on our two or three-mile hike through the park. It was (and still is, I suppose) a great place to rest and listen to the wind.

Spring is here. Life goes on.

Where my tiny family and I spent many and many a day.

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