Monday, April 15, 2013


My old friend Roy Aiken's book is about to appear from Severed Press. I predict it's going to be a huge hit. If you like apocalyptic horror fiction then you'll enjoy this one. With the bonus that BLEEDING KANSAS is far more literary than your average zombie novel.

Keep your eyes peeled for the book at your favorite online bookseller!

Derek Grace is so far out on the edge of foreclosure and homelessness he can’t afford to kiss his wife goodbye. Too much is riding on this second interview in Kansas City. Yet every third person seems to have what Claire has, a nasty cold that gets nastier—and so widespread that services and infrastructure, including the airlines, are down shortly after Whitman’s arrival.

When that same pestilence reanimates the dead to seek living flesh Derek Grace is 600 miles from the last two people in the world he cares about, trapped in a city ruled by the hungry dead. All of Kansas stands between Derek Whitman and home.

Times like these a man can’t help but make a name for himself. Derek Grace loses a career and finds a calling in BLEEDING KANSAS.

Coming Soon from SEVERED PRESS.

Coming soon from Severed Press: BLEEDING KANSAS by Lawrence Roy Aiken.

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