Thursday, April 25, 2013

Heading Out.

Well, we're headed down to Florida to kayak some of the first magnitude springs. We're going to spend probably every single day kayaking. I hope to get some really decent wildlife photos. The website will remain pretty much static until we return, barring any access I can stumble upon to WiFi. If I do that, I'll post some updates from my laptop computer. The only bummer is that Andy couldn't go with us because he ended up getting a new job. Oh, well. At least he's employed again.

All of these photographs were taken on, or on the banks of, some of the first magnitude springs we've explored in Florida.


Neal Hock said...


Kent Tankersley said...

That looks like a great vacation. I would love to kayak those springs and rivers. How common are the manatees in that area?

James Robert Smith said...

Kent: The manatees are pretty common, these days. We almost always see them. We saw plenty on this trip. I'll post photos later.