Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cats and Birds in the Yard

Between bouts of me versus the novel, I took the cats out yesterday for a stroll in the yard. I keep them leashed, both for their own security and to keep them from nabbing any unsuspecting birds.

Lilly tries to climb a tree to get a mourning dove.

It ain't happenin', chump.

Ah, dat boid is too small anyways.
Oo! What's that?!
I yam a gorgeous cardinal, and you're not getting me, either.


Vicki said...

Lilly is a good-looking cat. Does she talk?

Love seeing the birds in your yard, though I suspect in a different way to Lilly. :)

James Robert Smith said...

Lilly is very vocal. She's also incessantly affectionate. I've never known of such an affectionate cat. She is completely attached to Carole and will lie on Carole's chest and put her arms around Carole's neck and lick Carole's face until Carole makes her stop. She talks to me to let me know when she wants to go out and play in the yard. Very loud when it's time for outdoor play. She'll put her paw on the sliding glass door, look up at me and go "YOW!". She gets increasingly loud until I take her outdoors or, if it's raining, take her out briefly so that she can see it's too wet out. (She doesn't like the rain.)

I've never met a more people-oriented cat. Ever.

When Carole is not home, she turns her affection toward me. Since I'm almost always working on my novels in the evening, she will bug me for attention. If I don't stop to pet her, she will jump up on my desk and insinuate herself between me and the screen until I give in and show her some attention. Sometimes she will bat at the cursor, as if that was what she was really up there to do.

Vicki said...

We had a part-Siamese cat that was very talkative, though not quite as much it seems as Lilly. He was affectionate when he wanted to be. :)

James Robert Smith said...

I have never known a cat to be so dependent on humans. She gets upset when we leave her. When I go to work in the mornings, she makes several attempts to stop me. Among them are trying to get me to play with her, and when that doesn't work, she will sit on my foot. Because she's so heavy, you see, that I couldn't possibly move if she's sitting on my foot.

When we go on vacation, we return to find her very upset, indeed. Andy will be with her while we're gone this time, so hopefully it won't be so traumatic for her.