Sunday, October 07, 2012

Writing and Blogging.

I'm going to scale back on the posting of photos and commentary in the next week or two. I'll still post, but in abbreviated fashion. I have several novel projects that I  need to complete so that will be the focus of my free time.

We were all amused by this sign on the trail to Chasm Lake. It's a popular trail into the high country with a grand view of "the Diamond", one of the sheer technical walls for climbers wishing to conquer Longs Peak. The Park Service wants those climbing into the tundra to either use the pair of vault toilets before going any further, or to take one of the free human waste bags and carry their feces down from the mountain and dispose of the hideous stuff far below in a trash receptacle. They don't want you to dump the bags in the vault toilets where they will just clog the system. Of course we all thought the poorly worded "Do Not Put Down Vault Toilet" warning was funny. As if the toilet was sensitive to criticism.

This is "The Diamond", the sheer cliff leading from Chasm Lake to the summit of Longs Peak. People scale that monster with cams and ropes and nerves of steel. I'm not into that stuff, but if it floats yer boat...

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