Tuesday, October 30, 2012

West Virginia in the Snow

Carole and I haven't been back to West Virginia in over a year. We'd like to take a trip there again. These shots are from our last vacation in the state, spent principally in and around Blackwater Falls State Park. For years there has been a movement to try to create a new National Park around Blackwater Falls and the canyon there. But of course the energy and timber corporations have fought such a proposal to a standstill.

This old train station had been restored and converted into a museum. Closed the day we were there.

Deer in the Snow.

The mighty Blackwater Falls.

Heavy snowfall hit while we were at the waterfall overlook.

Pointing across the gorge at the lodge where I was staying.

Snowmelt and fresh snow had created enormous water volume for the falls.


Kirk G said...

Is that the Hurricane Sandy snowfall that I see swirling around the Blackwater Falls Lodge where you stayed? You're lucky you got out from what I hear...58 inches of snowfall...ALL roads closed, power out, nothing moved for days upon days! Unfortunately, the ski slopes couldn't open. Bummer!

HemlockMan said...

No. That's from a year ago on our last trip to WV.

Yeah, Sandy slammed WV with heavy snowfall. I probably wouldn't have even been able to make it up there during that storm.

Kirk G said...

Oops! Sorry, wrong year. But I know that trainstation/tourist info bldg.