Friday, October 26, 2012

Recent Additions

Here are some recent additions to my comic book collection. Been heading into some non-Silver Age stuff because I've been able to nab some good deals.

I have been after this book for ages! You can see why Disney hand-picked Carl Barks to be in charge of the comic book versions of his Ducks. Barks had some strange quirks in his style and the way he portrayed supporting characters, but his grasp of anatomy and brilliant story-telling ability made him the single greatest Disney comic book artist.

Four Color #456. It's actually Uncle Scrooge #2. Of all of Barks' creations, Scrooge is one of the finest and most realized of his characters. Every American kid admired capitalist bastards, and Scrooge was one of the best. A flinty old curmudgeon but with just the barest glint of a human heart under that greedy exterior.

I loved these Little Lulu comics when I was a kid. And the best of them were the Dell Giants, and the best of these were the ones with Halloween themes.

I'm slowly completing my Strange Tales collection. I don't need a whole lot more of them, and I have the hardest to find issues already. Just filling in the gaps at this point.


Kirk G said...

Which Strange Tales issues are you still looking for? I have a couple of doubles, if condition doesn't matter in the Human Torch/SHIELD eras. Can you post a list?

HemlockMan said...

Off the top of my head, #103-107.

I have pretty much all of the issues in the 111 through 147. I don't want any issues after Ditko left.

Kirk G said...

Would it surprise you to learn that I had had each of the Duck books and Sluggo that you showed when I was extremely young. My older sister, born in 1952 had them from some source, and I at least remember looking at them.