Thursday, October 11, 2012

One More Version

Yet another new cover version. (Working hard to finish a project so that I can start two more.)


dogboy443 said...

I like the revision to white text, but the title isn't popping for me. The green is too close to the palette of the photograph. Maybe try the red that was used previously so it pops?

MarkGelbart said...

You might want to check this out.

I drank a little of my home made Scuppernong wine mixed with Burgundy.

Whenver I get tore up, as I currently am, I like to listen to rocknroll on youtube. One of the many of hundreds of songs I like to listen to is one by Elton John--"Dan Dare Pilot of the Future." I've been listening to that song for 35 years but I never realized it was based on a British comic book.

It's a killer song. I like it because of the way it sounds and because of the honest gay imagery. I'm not gay, but I love the honesty of the imagery. This was before he came out, so anyone sophisticated enough to understand the lyrics should have figured it out.

Here's the link. There are images of the comic book attached to the lyrics. It's high quality, and I never heard of it until today.

HemlockMan said...

Mark M: Glad you like it. I'm getting more emails and private messages about this cover than anything I've written to date.

Mark G: Having been a comic book fan/dealer for so many years I was aware that Dan Dare was a British comic. Generally, though, British comics fall flat for me. The artwork is almost too lush, and they tend to have a confusing narrative style that puts me off. Of course Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, and the lot of British Invasion comic writers put a stop to that attitude.