Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Critters of the Rockies!

The following are photos I took of critters that we encountered mainly on our hikes (but sometimes at our campsites).

Bull elk. It was the rut and they were bugling.

Cow elk.
These ground squirrels were everywhere. They could be total pests.

Uncooperative but gorgeous bird. A western Jay? Stellar jay?

I had left my telephoto lens behind for weight considerations. Big mistake.

Soon-to-be-endangered Pika. Glad I got to finally see them.

Gorgeous White-tailed ptarmigan.

First good photo I was able to snap of a marmot.

Cutthroat trout. He is not suspended in air. The water of the glacial lake was just that clear.


Robert Crosby said...

Very cool! That must have taken some patience getting all those varmints.

HemlockMan said...

Some were really easy. A couple of the critters were very cooperative.