Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some videos I took on Tanawha:

Following are some video clips that I took on the hike on Tanawha. I was impressed with the mountain. More so than I have in past visits. This was actually my first real exploration of the peak. I've been a number of times but either spent my hours there muddling around the base of the mountain in the drainages hunting for waterfalls, or around the tourist crap near the summit (which I hated).

I plan to go back again. I may try to camp on the mountain overnight the next time I visit it. There's a shelter near Calloway Peak that I might use. Now that the area is a state park, hiking and camping there is at no charge. When it was still owned by the Morton family, you had to pay to hike the trails and to use the campsites scattered throughout the wild forest. These days there's only a permit system in place, but no charge. For now, at least.

On the trail, alone, at about 5600 or maybe even 5700 feet elevation.

The famous Boone Bowl, showing what might be the possible location of a localized glacier from the last Ice Age.

The Boone Bowl as seen from Storyteller Rock. You can also see Calloway Peak just poking above the ridge line.


The DPS Kid said...

Bob I need to look you up tomorrow? Is that possible? I have your phone number I think.


HemlockMan said...

Give a ring. I'll be at work, regular hours.