Friday, January 06, 2012


Well, I'm in the home stretch of seeing my novel HISSMELINA in print. Ebook and trade paperback format. I'm hoping that today will see it available at and then at Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers.

In Elijah, high in the Carolina mountains, police officer Frances Jennings is drawn into a mystery involving several missing persons and the return of local matriarch Hester Keener. While Frances battles city fathers over her position as Elijah’s first female officer, her boyfriend is seduced by the power that emanates from The Crag, the peak that dominates Elijah, by his attraction for that place and for Hester’s young heir. What dark forces are at play? Who, or what, is the twisted form called "Hissmelina"? Frances peels away the layers of darkness to find an answer she may not wish to know.


Jack said...

Very Cool! I'll be ordering myself a copy!

dogboy443 said...

Definately available from Amazon as an eBook. I'm waiting on the hard copy.

HemlockMan said...

The trade paperback will be available as soon as I review the proof. I should have it very soon.

Jack said...

I guess I could go ahead and order it to read on my wifes Kindle, but I still prefer real paper books, so I am going to wait!

HemlockMan said...

Yeah, it'll be out in just a few days in trade paperback, Jack.

The DPS Kid said...

Let's hope that proof is delivered by FedEx or UPS or we'll be waiting until Columbus Day for the paperback.

I LOVE my KINDLE Mr. Smith but, in your case, need the physical form. I'm a touchy-feely kind of guy JR.

Yet, because I am a better friend than Jack and the dogboy443(LOL), want you to have the FULL 31¢ cut from an e-book purchase in addition to any hardcopy revenue generated by an order of two copies. You had one Hissmelina in your home, I'll have two.

Who's the man now Smith?

Well done my friend, keep them coming.


HemlockMan said...

Yeah, I still like real books. The Kindle has been okay, but I prefer paper books. The proof didn't arrive today, alas.