Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Proofing the Manuscript

I got the proof edition of HISSMELINA today. The book came out better than I'd hoped! Just gorgeous. Stephen Price at Book Looks Designs did an outstanding job of typesetting!

The book should go live in trade paperback format in a few days. Hopefully sooner.

Until then, you can still order the Kindle Books version, of course.

Meself just home from work, perusing the newly arrived proof copy.

As I post this the book has gone live!

You can buy the trade version of HISSMELINA here!


The DPS Kid said...

Oh no my friend, hard copies are available over at the Amazon and I ordered two.

Bob - "Did you say you ordered two copies Lee? That's very sweet, but why my laboring, minion co-worker"?

Lee - "Because I want an autograph for mine and the copy I purchased for an ad exec friend at BOA who I turned on to The Living End. A book he read cover to cover on a direct from Charlotte to San Francisco late last year and truly enjoyed. He said the woman sitting next to him complained about the overhead light being on because she was trying to doze and he told her he wasn't turning it off. He's a BC fan too".

Bob - "You fat bastard, I love you. Of course I will sign those copies".

Lee - "Uhhhhhhhhh sure Bob, thanks"?

Thanks brother. Bob I don't see you every day any more but I think of you(non-sexual) sometimes and your accomplishments and I wish you the very best. I hope that ship comes in soon so you can put the Postal Service behind you once and for all. Hugs for Carol, shoulder punch for Andy. I will follow the blog always. -Lee

PS. Bob I need to get with you sometime. I have a cheap Christmas gift for you.

PSS. My favorite "Bob story" was the one where you reached in the pantry one morning for your favorite cereal, before the job, and Andy had already polished it off and you were pissed. I think you used profanity.☻


HemlockMan said...

TWO Copies??!! Yer my hero!

I recall the story about the guy on the airplane. I'll autograph them. We should hook up and meet some of the crew for dinner. I could sign them then.

Yep. Andy ate all them cerealses. I don't recall what it was, but he cleaned them out!

What's Kerry Provance up to? I emailed him a couple weeks ago but have heard nothing back.

The DPS Kid said...

He went to the eye doctor and dermatologist yesterday. Says he was seeing triple from the left eye and had some lesions on his cheek he wanted screened for cancer. I think he's fine though. Should be in today.

HemlockMan said...