Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Charles Grant Back in Print

The new ebook/trade paperback process of disseminating fiction has brought us the reappearance of a writer who has been missing from the shelves for a while.

Charles L. Grant was an accomplished author and editor . As a young man I enjoyed his work as both. His anthologies to this day fill an entire bookshelf in my office, and he was one of the most effective short story writers I have encountered.

When his health began to fail his output seemed to dwindle (logically), and after he died his presence pretty much faded completely from the publishing scene. This was a shame because his work was influential to so many of us who were learning how to create fiction. At this best, there were few who could match him for sheer imagination and for an uncanny ability to create atmosphere.

I have missed seeing Grant's name on the shelves at bookstores. So now his widow and some of his former editorial associates have managed to get his work back out in front of a new generation of readers. I thoroughly recommend everything they're laboring to bring to light once again.

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