Friday, January 13, 2012

The Day We Found Cairo

As I've told before, we found our cat Cairo when we were camping in a state park in West Virginia. We were near a fading old town called Cairo. There's not much left of Cairo, only a few old buildings that used to be some stores and a bank and which are no longer either. We stopped at a county park where there was a combination visitor's center and shop. It had been raining.

Inside the shop, Andy saw a box of kittens that had been left out in the rain and which the proprietor had brought in so that the kittens would not die of exposure. One of the kittens pretty much leaped into Andy's hands, and we were stuck.

We took her home with us and named her after the small town: Cairo. I have never seen a kitten take so immediately to humans and to mesh so instantly within a family. She's now our biggest and heaviest cat. And quite happy, thanks.

The rainbow over our campsite before we headed out for the day. A premonition?

The old bank building in downtown Cairo. No longer a bank, of course. The oil fields played out a hundred years ago.

The county park building on that rainy day someone left a boxful of kittens there.

Andy discovers Cairo in the box. We were suckered then and there.

Cairo settles in for a ride.

Fast asleep in Andy's arms.

At peace with her new family.

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