Sunday, January 01, 2012

Christmas 2011

I realized that I didn't post any Christmas photos this year!

Here are a couple.

Cairo kitty enjoying the mess of paper and boxes Christmas morning.

A couple of days after Christmas.

I have always enjoyed Christmas. I admit that it's not nearly as much fun as when Andy was a child. Not having a child around to enjoy the season with makes it a lot less appealing. Also, the nature of my hideous job keeps me from having much in the way of leisure time around the holiday. I work all through Christmas and rarely have any time off during the entire month of December. Thus, I never have any time to slow the heck down and savor the days.


Still, I like Christmas and often try to let the season linger a bit. Last year I tore the tree down on December 26th. This year, we're going to let it stand until January 2nd.


The DPS Kid said...

It is a hideous job, so hideous in fact I will not return to its hideousness before next Friday. Burned a little time I carried over from 2011.

I miss your dour, profane demeanor on the workroom floor Bob. It was good for all of us and made me happy. I learned new words and laughed at stupid people with genuine disregard. Thanks!

Did you know Wolverine's Adamantium claws were UNABLE to damage ROM's spaceknight armor? Duty, Honor, Sacrifice. The code of ALL Spaceknights Mr. Smith.

Happy New Year James Robert. Hello to Carol and Andy and all the best in 2012.

HemlockMan said...

Thanks, Lee!

I was offered Route 12 (Leslie's route), but I'm turning it down. I only have to carry eight hours at Independence, so no way am I going to return to a shithole route and shave off two or three full hours to hand off to someone else every day. Plus, from what I recall it's just way the hell to heavy a route for me.

No, I did not know that Adamantium could not pierce Space Knight armor! Were the X-Men in an issue of ROM? I do recall that someone online recounted recently that the Rom comic book FAR outlived the popularity of the toy from whence it was merchandised. That's a rarity. The great Steve Ditko illustrated it for a long time--I think the theme of personal integrity and battling against evil appealed to him.

The DPS Kid said...

Bob, I stand corrected. Wolverine's claws were able to damage Rom's armor but could not penetrate. As his Spaceknight armor was organic, eventually it repaired itself. But he kicks some Wolverine ass. Fuck Wolverine.

ROM and X-Men meet first in ROM #18 as the X-Men seek a dangerous mutant named Hybrid wreaking havoc upon the land. However, they first encounter ROM jap-slapping a 10yo boy, who happens to be a shapeshifting Dire Wraith, moments before being blasted into oblivion by ROM's neutralizer beam. Not realizing this, all the X-Men see is a gleaming silver automaton bullying a little boy and naturally rush to his aid. Sounds like a bunch of cretinous half-life postal supervisors believing they know better about something and sticking their brown noses where they do not belong.

And ROM kicks their collective asses one at a time for wasting his fucking time so FUCK the X-Men Bob. They are supervisors to me now.

What was gay about this issue was Marvel Girl, the teenage skank who didn't even know how to spell her name or use her powers, wrestles away Rom's neutralizer gun and blasts him with it fucking him up. BULLSHIT!

Ditko did ink some ROM but only the last twelve issues or so. Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema started and stayed with the series most of the way. You are right about the toy, it was an abysmal failure and the comic didn't start until after the doll was on the market. It was never more than a back story to Parker Brothers execs trying to save their worthless second-generation microcircuit shit toy but Marvel made a mint off a successful series by giving him focus, personality, and valor and they did a fine job. Yes they did goddamnit.

Favorite issue was #47 where the female Dire Wraiths are introduced who are ten times worse than the males and know Black Magic. ROM is slapped around good in this issue Bob and that was painful to see and read but I did it. Great cover. What sick mind thought up that thing? Here are some pics.
See ya around big guy.

Issue #47 w/female Dire Wraith cover -

Colossus being 360'd by ROM -

NutCRACKING roundhouse backhand on Wolverine -

Promotional trailer from 1978 -