Monday, December 06, 2010

The Year with No Christmas Tree

Well, this year will be our first one ever without a Christmas tree. The townhouse is going to be messy with painting and new carpet/flooring going in. So a Christmas tree was just too much of a hassle for us. We didn't want the headache. If we still had a kid in the house, it would have been different. But let's face it--Christmas ain't the same when you don't have a child in the household. The holiday is just tons more fun when you can watch your son's face light up when he looks at that tree and opens the presents on Christmas morning.

When they grow up and leave you alone in the house, the effort doesn't seem worth it.


The tree we picked out last year in Sparta, NC at the Crazy Fox Christmas Tree Patch.

So what we'll do is...well, we'll do without. We're gifting ourselves with new furniture in fits and starts. We bought the china cabinet last month, and my new office desk two weeks ago (which we haven't even assembled due to the painting/flooring deal) and a new secretary today. Still a few pieces to go.

The new secretary at the bottom of the stairs.

Well, there it is. We'll go to Carole's mom's place on Christmas morning to exchange gifts. She'll have a tree, so it'll be almost like old times. But no trip to the mountains this year to search out and choose our own evergreen. All things come to an end, I guess.

Carole, at our favorite Christmas tree farm, last year.

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