Friday, December 24, 2010

Gale Norton was Scum

The main difference between Democrats and Republicans is that genuine environmental protections and anti-pollution environmental regulations are actually promoted and pushed when Democrats are in charge. When Republicans control the government, the thing you can count on is environmental rape and allowing corporations to do as they please.

I was very pleased to read this today.

Not only was new wilderness discouraged during the illegitimate Bush administration, the horrid skank in charge of the Interior and our parks, forests, and wild lands was actually a Libertarian sack of shit who thought of Nature as just something to exploit. Well, now that illegitimate so-called "President" is gone and his pet monster in the Interior is also history. May they both rot.

A monster as ugly on the outside as it is on the inside.

I always thought Gale Norton looked like a Ferengi, who were designed by the Trek folk to be the ultimate capitalist/Libertarian scum. It was fitting that Gale Norton resemble these filthy intergalactic worms.

Gale Norton was scum.

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