Friday, December 31, 2010

White Christmas Aftermath

Well, since we might not get any more snow this winter, I figured I should post a few shots of the minor little Christmas storm. It was nice. I'd never witnessed a white Christmas before. You guys who see them all of the time are probably jaded by it all. But we here in the deep South rarely see it. In fact, I think it had been almost fifty years since it had happened here in Charlotte.

The view outside our back door while the snow was still coming down the morning of December 26.

Looking out the front door around the same time.

December 27, getting ready to leave for work. Sun just rising, celestial bodies still visible in the sky.

The snow was already beginning to thin out, despite the cold. I think some of it was sublimating...just fading directly to gas.

Pat, one of my supervisors, spreading salt over the ice so that we laborers don't bust our asses getting to our vehicles.

Ward, one of my co-workers, taking some stuff to his vehicle, moving gingerly over a thin sheen of ice.


Lawrence Roy said...

Trust me, Bob -- a snow on Christmas NEVER gets old.

HemlockMan said...

I would like to think not. It was pretty cool. It made me wish we'd had a real Christmas tree this year (but we didn't because of the new carpet and paint coming in).